The Quilting Show · 2-5 March 2017 | ICHF Events

SECC, Glasgow

2-5 March 2017


ADULTS: £8.50 SENIORS: £7.50

The Scottish Quilting Show is a fabulous showcase of the finest patchwork and quilting, and highlights the wonderful work of Scottish quilters. Enjoy exciting exhibitions that encourage all aspects of this delightful and wonderfully creative art form. There’s talks, competitions, demonstrations and workshops - a true patchwork paradise!

Show Features

Images of Egypt

This brilliant exhibition highlights handmade ceremonial textiles, and decorative artefacts from Egypt. Part of Sandra Hardy’s private collection, visitors can expect to see a rare glimpse into the land of Pharaohs and its rich and colourful textile heritage, including wonderful hangings by the Tentmakers of old Cairo.


Susan Chapman’s work is an observation of contemporary society, drawing from life. This activity demands very fast sketches as people walk together chatting and enjoying their companionship, going about their daily lives; a particular interest is their relationships one to another.

This exhibition includes a study of older women, men at work, and a vision of a world where all cultures will stand together.

The Living World

‘The Living World’ is the theme for this year’s Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles touring exhibition. These beautiful quilts are based on flora and fauna in the natural world, inspired by the quilter’s local surroundings in the UK or more exotic places visited whilst traveling abroad.

Pat Archibald

Pat Archibald is a textile artist based in Edinburgh but travels and teaches worldwide. Her journeys and adventures to far-flung places fuel her creativity. Pat takes time to observe the different cultures, colours, patterns and architecture that are particular to each place and then translates her observations into her unique quilts. Her latest adventures have been in Ghana, working with the batik artists, the bead makers and the basket makers where she found that despite having very limited resources the craftspeople produced exquisite items. More information about classes and images of quilts can be found at or on her Facebook page.

It Happens

IT HAPPENS new collection is entitled 'Borders, Boundaries & Beyond'. Living near the English/Scottish border, the wild, historically lawless county of Northumberland provided Chris's inspiration. Rose looked beyond this world to tales of magic and mystery. Gillian has sourced her background material from travel experiences at home and abroad.

Creative Journey

This year's collection of work from Pat Archibald's students explores the theme of "Rhythm". Each maker has taken a unique aspect on the theme from the rhythm of life to the rhythm of music to the rhythm of pattern and colour. 


  • Kim Thittichai
  • Pat Archibald
  • Louise Mabbs
  • Jennie Rayment
  • Pauline Ineson
  • Elizabeth Ferguso

Guilds, Federations and Societies

  • Quilters Guild of the British Isles
  • Boutis Ecosse
  • Quilters Guild Traditional Group

Quilting Groups and Education

  • Castle Quilters Dumbar
  • Gillian Cooper City & Guilds
  • Contemporary Quilt Group
  • Threadlines Contemporary Quilters
  • North Barn Quilters
  • New Reflections
  • Glasgow Gathering
  • Highland Quilters
  • It Happens
  • Dolly Mixture Quilt Group
  • Tryst pPatchwork Group
  • Makepeace Quilters
  • Creative Journey

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